Wood Surface Coatings

A supply agreement with Rystix 
The surface wood coatings have been formulated for application on exterior and interior wood surfaces.

The properties are enhanced with respect to having:
  • A higher solid content when compared to most other commercial products.
  • Resistance to UV degradation.
  • Resistance to fungal and microbial attack.
  • Additives that impart improved surface properties

Damp-Proofing of Corrugated Cardboard:


CORWET K6 is used primarily for the fortification of starch and starch-based adhesives. Its primary function is to crosslink with the starch to increase the water/moisture resistance.


DRICOR KA001 is a new, improved product (with a cost benefit) for use in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard. The resin acts to increase the damp resistance of the paper being used in the box system.

Wood treatment

FUNGOES is recommended for the treatment of wood-based products e.g. pallets, to reduce the buildup of algea.